The Verisimilitude of Facial Expressions

Macro Expressions

Macro expressions are more emotionally intense than other kinds of expressions and often involve your whole face.

Micro Expressions

They are expressed with the same muscle groups as the macro expressions but they are very swift.


These are facial signals that are culturally recognized. They could be anything from a wink of the eye to the quick flicking of the eyebrow as a sign of acknowledgment. For example, when you lift your brows up and hold them, it is an emblem for questioning or doubt.

Mind Your Body Language!

Master Your Space

The distance between two people encodes the nature of the relationship between the participants and holds meaning to observing third parties.

The Power of Leaning

Leaning is a subtle way to ‘warm-up’ someone as you get to know them. Lean toward the director as they ask more about you and your experience to show warmth and camaraderie. Additionally, lean toward them when receiving notes and feedback to nonverbally show that you’re listening and actively want to improve.


You need to be standing in a position that’s comfortable for you so that you look relaxed.

Useful Tips for Future Actors

  • 01

    Go to Plays

    That’s right, believe it or not, many people who claim to want to be thriving actors never go to the theatre. If you don’t know what’s going on out there, how can you muscle in on some of the action?

  • 02

    Stop Talking and DO

    What are the steps to becoming a good actor? Figure out the steps, break them down into smaller steps, and start taking action to achieve those steps today.

  • 03


    You’re out of work, so what? Practice monologues, go to scene study classes, do acting masterclasses and workshops. Otherwise, when you finally do get some work, you’ll be rusty. It’ll take you weeks to get back into it, and by then, it’ll be almost over again.

Heroes Behind the Company

We offer programs that are inclusive, reflect the diversity of the world and have a meaningful impact on our community. Our courses range from introductory classes that build a foundation of skills to advanced masterclasses intended for more experienced actors.

Florence Pierpont

Instructor at Act-Root Performing Arts Studio

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